RT. Rev. Daniel Imo: The Primus Inter Pares – Pt. I

RDI Rev Daniel Imo
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By Dave Uma

One of the primary objectives of voting people into political office is for the provision of services to the electorates, albeit, dividends of democracy that gives credence to the intended meaning of democracy which the main objective is to bring development closer to the masses. This could explain why some of these public office holders easily adopt names such as SERVANT LEADERS, CHIEF SERVANTS etc, especially to infer confirmation of readiness to serve or prove of serving in line with the conditions described above.

Howbeit, as positive and good these names or appellations might be to have gained wide currency among Political office holders/seekers in recent times as a tool of political conviction for consideration for public offices, the same has proven to be a tool of deception to the unsuspecting electorates.

This explains why it beat us hollow how these Politicians, after appearing in these garbs, still make use of their positions as avenues, not only to enrich themselves but their cronies, families and friends at the expense of the real owners of the patrimony for which they (the politicians), are only mere custodians with transient existentialism.
These ‘supposedly Servant leaders’ only end up making the electorates subservient, good enough as errand boys, useful tools only for the next four years.

Suffice to say that, it is rather an unfortunate a situation that calls for concern because it is not only insensitive, but a disservice for one to enjoy such great privileges, position, protection, and popularity without giving anything in return to those who collectively entrusted their destiny and collective future to into their hands by voting them into power.

However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We have discovered a different Man- a man whom the people have found WORTHY. He is the PRIMUS INTER PARES. He is the first, the best among the rest whose antecedents, pedigree, pragmatism and political disposition are such that offer succour and respite to endless yearnings and aspirations of the people: the electorates, the youths, the aged, and the uncounted, who must be assured of hope and imminent rescue from many years of a political quagmire, instituted maladministration and systemic lacuna.

Reverend Daniel Imo RDI

RT. Rev. Daniel Imo is the vocal voice of the masses, a breath of fresh air and assurance of a paradigm shift from the known normal to a fresh ideology and pragmatic approach to healthy representation. His courageous disposition and powerful conviction cum his dogged Spirit have endeared him to the good people of AROCHUKWU/OHAFIA FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY as the divine incoming member of the house of Reps. 2023.

Indeed, we have found in RDI, a man whose actions have continued to echo, resonate & reverbrate in far-flung places beyond ARO/OHAFIA FED. CONSTITUENCY. He is the President of Nde IGBO in Houston USA.

RT. REV DANIEL IMO has a magnified personality and intimidating credentials that qualify him as the leader of the pack. He has such a confounding oratorical prowess to deliver messages of HOPE to his Constituents. We can hardly wait for MBEM political debates to showcase this Man of God imbued with exceptional knowledge.

Let’s put the right man on the saddle of leadership, and witness a smooth, sublime and seamless round growth of our constituency because RT. REV. DANIEL IMO is undoubtedly the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB OF REPRESENTING ARO/OHAFIA FED. CONSTITUENCY

Indeed, Rev. Daniel Imo is the PRIMUS INTER PARES.



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