Chief Emeka Kalu; His Spirit Of Patriotism And PVC Drive.

PVC Registration
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Yesterday in Amaogwu Village of Bende LGA of Abia State, It was an aura of elation and joy like that of the flowing liquid honey extracted from its combs as citizens within the votable age bracket converged under the clarion calls of Chief Dr Emeka Kalu to register and be issued INEC certified voters cards which would be used as a mantle to change the government in 2023 general elections.
This compatriot disposition of selfless services to mankind, especially to his locality proves Chief Kalu’s commitment to the entrenchment of viable democracy in the Nigerian political system.

Chief Emeka Kalu by birth and inclination hails from Amaogwu village in Bende LGA Of Abia State. As a party chieftain under whose hands PDP Coalition is nationally coordinated, he craves the indulgence of all lovers of democracy in the South East to not only get their voters cards but also help others get theirs. In an actual sense, he has to a greater extent demonstrated the spirit of purposeful leadership by sensitizing his people on the importance of changing the government using their votes.

Southeastern politicians and cherishers of quality representation are challenged in this direction to emulate Chief Kalu to improve the numeric voting strength of the region. Kalu has been canvassing and advocating for a mass outpour of Southeasterners to enrol their names and data towards getting their voters cards with which they would be deciding who governs them in 2023. All Presidential hopefuls in Southern Nigeria especially those from Igbo nations whose voting capacity has been at a low ebb are encouraged to emulate and generate this system changing operational code by educating and mobilizing their constituents to get their voters cards.

The new electoral Act made it clearer that results collation after voting is to be handled and transmitted electronically, thereby limiting, if not eliminating, chances of fraud and malpractices. For this reason, Southeasterners who had been of lesser numbers of registered voters are admonished to take the bulls by the horns to ensure they make up and fill the gap to compete for the number one seat at the centre in 2023. We cannot just be aspiring without taking talks down to the grassroots where the electorates will be guided and sensitized on voter education.

Ongoing Voters’ Registration

In any region where voter education is lacking, she is bound to experience voting incapacity, shortfalls and poor performance during elections. As a result, Igbos are prompted to sit up and do the needful.

Analytically, if 80% of Presidential aspirants of Southeast Origin are deeply committed to mobilizing the indigenes to get their voters cards, they stand a promising chance of winning the presidency in 2023. It is no longer business were involving a culture of political intolerance and violence is being condoned in Nigeria knowing full well that ballot box snatching is useless now.  We must all join forces and mobilize our various localities to go for their individual voter’s cards to achieve the feasibility of our yearnings and agitation to occupy  Aso Rock come 2023.

The truth remains that the majority carries the votes and action speaks and impacts louder than words. media verbal war can never change anything if we fail to take the necessary actions fit to bring about positive changes and the time is NOW!  We cannot continue to be apolitical while things are drastically turning upside down at our expense. Our productivity relies on the success of the government in power and for a bad government to be removed in any democratic system, we must not abandon our voter’s cards which serve as the pillars through which the house of transformation stands.


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