Southern Nigeria’s Fate In 2023, A Call For Regional Unity.

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Unity as popularly believed is a force difficult to suppress especially where this unity is hatched and built on a solid cemented foundation. Solidarity is a by-product of unity whose strength and capacity always remain indestructible in the face of contests for power. The 2023 general election is fast approaching and the People’s Democratic Party( PDP ) is making every necessary plan to ensure she succeeds in clinching power at the centre following the conduct of the Presidential election next year. Be that as it may, we keep clamouring for zoning and equity but the situation at hand demands that Southern Nigerians in PDP build a bridge of unity and oneness to secure the Presidential nomination at the convention where aspirants would be contesting for the presidential ticket.

Major stakeholders, business class, elite and all the aspirants from the South are advised to assemble under one umbrella to be able to succeed in the bid. Our coalition office as a wing of advocacy for the official People’s Democratic Party would continue to voice out in support of equity and justice in the land. Therefore, all the Presidential hopefuls from Southern Nigeria are called at this point to unite themselves by rallying support for one person in the political show. Within their mindset, it may be difficult to absorb this life-changing truth due to human sentiment but it is realistic if we truly shun individuality and selfishness by working towards collectively supporting one aspirant.

As of news time, today published in the vanguard, two serving Northern governors and a former governor from North Central who are vying for the same exalted position have taken their steps towards sacrificing their ambitions to stand by one aspirant. This is what unity is all about and we expect contestants from the South to follow suit in harmonizing among themselves for victory. Presidential primary election is through the use of delegates and if all the aspirants from the South stand individually to run for the number one seat in Abuja, they are sure to loose the block votes that could be concentrated and given to one aspirant from the region, thereby jeopardizing her chances of climbing the throne of power in 2023. The only sure way the South could sail through in this bid to produce Nigeria president is through the hints are given as anything short of this will scuttle their chances.

Even as the 37 main Presidential zoning Committee under the watch of the Benue State Governor is submitting her reports in less than 24hours from now, the South must strongly unite under one formidable front otherwise she is bound to lose the nomination. Individuality has never created impacts that move mountains rather it destroys the entire structure and planning but when selfishness is buried and dusted, unity comes in to perform wonders above imagination and only on this ground can the South have a leeway. The convention is at the corner where the party will be voting to nominate who will fly the flag on her behalf and Southerners in their capacity are guided to do the needful to actualize their long yearning desires.

Chief Emeka Kalu
National Coordinator,
PDP Coalition.

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